Teclado Acer Aspire 5810 5253 5538 5542 5738 5740 5750 5820 5925 7740 8942 PT

Teclado Acer Aspire 5810 5253 5538 5542 5738 5740 5750 5820 5925 7740 8942 PT


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Item Description

Teclado para Portátil Com teclado numérico standard compatível com vários modelos

Versão: Português (PT-PT).

Part Number: 90.4CH07.S06, 9J.N1H82.Q06, KB.I170A.005, KB.I170A.006, KB.I170A.008, KB.I170A.010, KB.I170A.014, KB.I170A.015, KB.I170A.016, KB.I170A.018, KB.I170A.021, KB.I170A.025, KB.I170A.028, KB.I170A.029, KB.I170A.047, KB.I170A.067, KB.I170A.068, KB.I170A.070, KB.I170A.073, KB.I170A.074, KB.I170A.075, KB.I170A.078, KB.I170A.081, KB.I170A.083, KB.I170A.084, KB.I170A.163, KB.I170A.203, KB.I170A.204, KB.I170A.206, KB.I170A.209, KB.I170A.212, KB.I170A.214, KB.I170A.217, KB.I170A.219, KB.I170A.220, KB.I170A.222, KB.I170A.224, KB.I170A.226, KB.I170A.227, KB.I170A.228, KB.I170G.173, KB.I170G.175, KB.I170G.178, KB.I170G.179, KB.I170G.181, KB.I170G.186, KB.I170G.189, KB.I170G.191, KB.I170G.195, KB.I170G.196, KB.I170G.198, KB.I170G.199, KB.I170G.262, KB.I170G.276, KB.I170G.282, KB.I170G.283, KB.I170G.284, KBI170A005, KBI170A006, KBI170A008, KBI170A010, KBI170A014, KBI170A015, KBI170A016, KBI170A018, KBI170A021, KBI170A025, KBI170A028, KBI170A029, KBI170A047, KBI170A067, KBI170A068, KBI170A070, KBI170A073, KBI170A074, KBI170A075, KBI170A078, KBI170A081, KBI170A083, KBI170A084, KBI170A163, KBI170A203, KBI170A204, KBI170A206, KBI170A209, KBI170A212, KBI170A214, KBI170A217, KBI170A219, KBI170A220, KBI170A222, KBI170A224, KBI170A226, KBI170A227, KBI170A228, KBI170G173, KBI170G175, KBI170G178, KBI170G179, KBI170G181, KBI170G186, KBI170G189, KBI170G191, KBI170G195, KBI170G196, KBI170G198, KBI170G199, KBI170G262, KBI170G276, KBI170G282, KBI170G283, KBI170G284, MB358-002, MP-09B26P0, MP-09B26P0-442, MP-09B26PO-6983, NK.I1713.01U, NK.I1713.01X, NK.I1713.01Y, NK.I1713.021, NK.I1713.023, NK.I1713.025, NK.I1713.026, NK.I1713.02C, NK.I1713.02E, NK.I1713.02G, NK.I1713.02K, NK.I1713.02L, NK.I1713.02V, NK.I1713.02W, NK.I1713.02Y, NK.I1713.02Z, NK.I1713.032, NK.I1713.033, NK.I1713.034, NK.I1713.036, NK.I1713.037, NK.I1713.03A, NK.I1713.03C, NK.I1713.03D, NK.I1713.03F, NK.I1713.03G, NK.I1713.03H, NK.I1713.03K, NK.I1713.03L, NK.I1713.03M, NK.I1713.03N, NK.I1717.003, NK.I1717.006, NK.I1717.007, NK.I1717.00A, NK.I1717.00B, NK.I1717.00C, NK.I1717.00E, NK.I1717.00F, NK.I1717.00M, NK.I1717.00P, NK.I1717.00R, NK.I1717.00T, NK.I1717.00U, NK.I1717.00V, NK.I1717.00W, NK.I1717.03R, NK.I1717.03S, NK.I1717.03U, NK.I1717.03V, NK.I1717.03Y, NK.I1717.03Z, NK.I1717.040, NK.I1717.041, NK.I1717.042, NK.I1717.043, NK.I1717.046, NK.I1717.048, NK.I1717.049, NK.I1717.04B, NK.I1717.04D, NK.I1717.04F, NK.I1717.04G, NK.I1717.04H, NK.I1717.04J, NKI171301U, NKI171301X, NKI171301Y, NKI1713021, NKI1713023, NKI1713025, NKI1713026, NKI171302C, NKI171302E, NKI171302G, NKI171302K, NKI171302L, NKI171302V, NKI171302W, NKI171302Y, NKI171302Z, NKI1713032, NKI1713033, NKI1713034, NKI1713036, NKI1713037, NKI171303A, NKI171303C, NKI171303D, NKI171303F, NKI171303G, NKI171303H, NKI171303K, NKI171303L, NKI171303M, NKI171303N, NKI1717003, NKI1717006, NKI1717007, NKI171700A, NKI171700B, NKI171700C, NKI171700E, NKI171700F, NKI171700M, NKI171700P, NKI171700R, NKI171700T, NKI171700U, NKI171700V, NKI171700W, NKI171703R, NKI171703S, NKI171703U, NKI171703V, NKI171703Y, NKI171703Z, NKI1717040, NKI1717041, NKI1717042, NKI1717043, NKI1717046, NKI1717048, NKI1717049, NKI171704B, NKI171704D, NKI171704F, NKI171704G, NKI171704H, NKI171704J, NSK-ALQ06, PK1309F2016, PK130C82013, PK130C91119, PK130C93A07, PK130C93A16, V104702AK3, V104730AK1, V104730AK3

Cor: Preto

Estado: Novo 

Modelos aplicáveis:

Acer Aspire 5252, 5253, 5253G, 5333, 5538, 5538G, 5542, 5542G, 5739, 5739G, 5740, 5740DG, 5740G, 5800, 5810, 5810T, 5810TG, 5810TZ, 5810TZG, 5820, 5820G, 5820T, 5820TG, 5820TZ, 5820TZG, 7535, 7535G, 7535TG, 7735, 7735G, 7735Z, 7735ZG, 7736, 7736G, 7736Z, 7736ZG, 7738, 7738G, 7740, 7740G, 7750, 7750G, 7750Z, 7750ZG Series.

Modelos compatíveis: (Veja a imagem do anúncio)

Acer Aspire 5410, 5536, 5536G, 5738, 5738DG, 5738DZG, 5738G, 5738PG, 5738PZG, 5738Z, 5738ZG, 5738PZX, 8935G, 8940G, 8942G Series.

Acer Aspire 5338, 5342, 5349, 5350, 5552, 5552G, 5749, 5749Z, 7235G, 7250, 7250G, 7339, 7540, 7540G, 7560, 7560G, 7739, 7739G, 7739Z, 7739ZG, 7739ZGP Series.

Acer Aspire E1-521, E1-531, E1-531G, E1-571, E1-571G, E1-732G, E1-732Z, E1-772, E1-772G Series.

TravelMate 5335, 5344, 5542, 5542G, 5725, 5725G, 5735, 5735G, 5735Z, 5740, 5740G, 5740Z, 5740ZG, 5742, 5742G, 5742Z, 5742ZG, 5744, 5744Z, 5744ZG, 6594, 6594e, 6594eG, 6594G, 7740, 7740G, 7740Z, 7740ZG, 8531, 8571, 8571G, 8572, 8572G, 8572T, 8572TG, 8572Z Series.

TravelMate P253-E, P253-M, P253-MG, P453-M, P453-MG Series.

eMachines E443, E529, E642, E642G, E644, E644G, E729, E729Z, E732, E732G, E732Z, E732ZG, G443, G443G, G640, G640G, G729G, G729Z, G729ZG, G730, G730G, G730Z, G730ZG Series.

Packard Bell EN F, EN LM81, EN LM82, EN LM83, EN LM85, EN LM86, EN LM87, EN LM94, EN LM98, EN LX86, EN TE11BZ, EN TE11HC, EN TE69AP, EN TE69BH, EN TE69BM, EN TE69BMP, EN TE69CX, EN TE69CXP, EN TE69HW, EN TE69KB, EN TE69SK, EN TG71BM, EN TK11BZ, EN TK13BZ, EN TK36, EN TK37, EN TK81, EN TK81G, EN TK83, EN TK85, EN TK87, EN TM01, EN TM05, EN TM80, EN TM81, EN TM82, EN TM83, EN TM85, EN TM86, EN TM87, EN TM89, EN TM93, EN TM94, EN TM97, EN TM98, EN TM99, EN TX62HR, EN TX69HR, EN TX86, F, LM81, LM82, LM83, LM85, LM86, LM87, LM94, LM98, LX86, TE11BZ, TE11HC, TE69AP, TE69BH, TE69BM, TE69BMP, TE69CX, TE69CXP, TE69HW, TE69KB, TE69SK, TG71BM, TK11BZ, TK13BZ, TK36, TK37, TK81, TK83, TK85, TK87, TM01, TM05, TM80, TM81, TM82, TM83, TM83G, TM85, TM86, TM87, TM89, TM93, TM94, TM97, TM98, TM99, TX62HR, TX69HR, TX86, PEW92, Q5WS1, Q5WTC, Q5WV1, V5WT2, Z5WT1, Z5WT3, Z5WTC Series.

Gateway ID59C, ID79C, NE46R, NE510, NE511, NE512, NE513, NE514, NE51B, NE522, NE527, NE56R, NE570, NE571, NE572, NE573, NE574, NE71B, NE722, NS41C, NS51C, NV50A, NV51, NV510P, NV51B, NV51M, NV53A, NV55C, NV570P, NV59C, NV59GC, NV73A, NV79C, NS51I, NS51IG Series.

Packard Bell TE11-BZ, EN TE11-HC, EN TE69-AP, EN TE69-BH, EN TE69-BM, EN TE69-BMP, EN TE69-CX, EN TE69-CXP, EN TE69-HW, EN TE69-KB, EN TE69-SK, EN TG71-BM, EN TK11-BZ, EN TK13-BZ, 

TX62-HR, EN TX69-HR, TE11-BZ, TE11-HC, TE69-AP, TE69-BH, TE69-BM, TE69B-MP, TE69-CX, TE69-CXP, TE69-HW, TE69-KB, TE69-SK, TG71-BM, TK11-BZ, TK13-BZ, TX62-HR, TX69-HR, PEW91 P5WS6 MS2291 NEW95 NEW90 Series.

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