Teclado Toshiba Tecra Z40-A Point Stick Backlit PT

Teclado Toshiba Tecra Z40-A Point Stick Backlit PT


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Item Description

Teclado para Portátil Compatível com vários modelos

Teclado com Point Stick

Versão: Português (PT-PT).

Cor: Preto

Estado: Novo 

Modelos aplicáveis: 

Toshiba Tecra Z40-A, Z40-A PT449C-006003, Z40-A PT449C-019003, Z40-A PT449C-03K003, Z40-A PT449C-04J003, Z40-A PT44FC-02E001, Z40-A PT44FC-04W001, Z40-A PT44FC-074001, Z40-A PT44FC-07K001, Z40-A PT44FC-07K03F, Z40-A PT44FC-07W001, Z40-A PT44FC-08F03F, Z40-A PT44FC-08Q001, Z40-A PT44FC-0EM001, Z40-A PT44FC-0JP03F, Z40-A-10K, Z40-A-10N, Z40-A-10T, Z40-A-110, Z40-A-111, Z40-A-112, Z40-A-113, Z40-A-119, Z40-A-11C, Z40-A-11E, Z40-A-11F, Z40-A-11L, Z40-A-11N, Z40-A-11R, Z40-A-11T, Z40-A-11U, Z40-A-11W, Z40-A-11Z, Z40-A-120, Z40-A-121, Z40-A-122, Z40-A-123, Z40-A-127, Z40-A-12D, Z40-A-12E, Z40-A-12P, Z40-A-12V, Z40-A-12Z, Z40-A-13H, Z40-A-13K, Z40-A-13L, Z40-A-13Q, Z40-A-13R, Z40-A-13T, Z40-A-140, Z40-A-145, Z40-A-146, Z40-A-147, Z40-A-148, Z40-A-14E, Z40-A-14K, Z40-A-14Z, Z40-A-150, Z40-A-15C, Z40-A-15D, Z40-A-15E, Z40-A-15F, Z40-A-15G, Z40-A-15N, Z40-A-15V, Z40-A-163, Z40-A-164, Z40-A-167, Z40-A-16C, Z40-A-16D, Z40-A-16Q, Z40-A-16U, Z40-A-16V, Z40-A-16Z, Z40-A-170, Z40-A-173, Z40-A-176, Z40-A-17E, Z40-A-17G, Z40-A-17J, Z40-A-17K, Z40-A-17M, Z40-A-17R, Z40-A-17U, Z40-A-180, Z40-A-182, Z40-A-185, Z40-A-18Q, Z40-A-18R, Z40-A-18T, Z40-A-191, Z40-A-19C, Z40-A-19K, Z40-A-1CF, Z40-A-1CH, Z40-A-1CL, Z40-A-1DJ, Z40-A-1DP, Z40-A1401, Z40-A1402, Z40-A1410, Z40-A4101L, Z40-A4161SM, Z40-A4162SM, Z40-A4301M, Z40-A4363SM Series.

Toshiba Tecra Z40-B, Z40-B PT459C-004003, Z40-B PT459C-005003, Z40-B PT459C-02E003, Z40-B PT45FC-006008, Z40-B PT45FC-034008, Z40-B PT45FC-03M008, Z40-B PT45FC-048032, Z40-B PT45FC-04H008, Z40-B PT45GC-00D00C, Z40-B-100, Z40-B-104, Z40-B-105, Z40-B-107, Z40-B-109, Z40-B-10D, Z40-B-10E, Z40-B-10G, Z40-B-10H, Z40-B-10J, Z40-B-10N, Z40-B-10P, Z40-B-10T, Z40-B-10U, Z40-B-110, Z40-B-119, Z40-B-11K, Z40-B-11M, Z40-B-120, Z40-B-12E, Z40-B-12F, Z40-B-12G, Z40-B-13U, Z40-B-144, Z40-B-14D, Z40-B-150, Z40-B1410, Z40-B1420, Z40-B4103S, Z40-B4104S, Z40-BBT1400, Z40-BSMBN22, Z40-BT1400 Series.

Toshiba Portégé R30-A Portege R30-A, R30-A PT341C-00W00T, R30-A PT341C-00X00T, R30-A PT341C-00Y00T, R30-A PT341C-01000T, R30-A PT341C-02Q00T, R30-A PT341C-05C03R, R30-A PT341C-0CX00T, R30-A PT341C-0D100T, R30-A PT341C-0D200T, R30-A PT343C-01M01J, R30-A PT343C-01N01J, R30-A PT343C-0YP08W, R30-A PT343C-0YQ01J, R30-A-10H, R30-A-10R, R30-A-111, R30-A-112, R30-A-114, R30-A-11J, R30-A-11K, R30-A-121, R30-A-129, R30-A-12J, R30-A-130, R30-A1301, R30-A1302, R30-A-131, R30-A1310, R30-A1320, R30-A1320 , R30-A-134, R30-A-137, R30-A-138, R30-A-139, R30-A-13C, R30-A-13E, R30-A-13T, R30-A-13W, R30-A-13X, R30-A-140, R30-A-145, R30-A-146, R30-A-147, R30-A-149, R30-A-14C, R30-A-14D, R30-A-14G, R30-A-14K, R30-A-14X, R30-A-155, R30-A-156, R30-A-157, R30-A-159, R30-A-15C, R30-A-15D, R30-A-15M, R30-A-15N, R30-A-15P, R30-A-16G, R30-A-16T, R30-A-176, R30-A-17C, R30-A-17D, R30-A-17E, R30-A-17G, R30-A-17H, R30-A-17J, R30-A-17K, R30-A-17R, R30-A-18G, R30-A-191, R30-A-196, R30-A-197, R30-A-19D, R30-A-19E, R30-A-19G, R30-A-19H, R30-A-19J, R30-A-19K, R30-A-19L, R30-A-19M, R30-A-19P, R30-A-19Q, R30-A-19V, R30-A-1C0, R30-A-1C4, R30-A-1C5, R30-A-1CD, R30-A-1CM, R30-A-1CN, R30-A-1CP, R30-A-1CQ, R30-A-1D9, R30-A-1DC, R30-A-1DJ, R30-A-1DM, R30-A-1DR, R30-A-1E8, R30-A-1EC, R30-A-1ER, R30-A-1ET, R30-A-1F7, R30-A-1FH, R30-A-1FL, R30-A-1GJ, R30-A-1GP, R30-A200SMB, R30-A3101L, R30-A3102L, R30-A3160KM, R30-A3210K, R30-A3311K, R30-A3312K Series.

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