Cabo flat LCD HP Envy 14 14-1000 14-1100 14-1200 DD0LX6LC001
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Cabo flat LCD HP Envy 14 14-1000 14-1100 14-1200 DD0LX6LC001


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Item Description

Cabo flat LCD - LED 14,5" Webcam Series

Part Number: DD0LX6LC001

Estado: Novo 


HP ENVY 14-1000XX, 14-1001TX, 14-1002TX, 14-1003TX, 14-1004TX, 14-1005TX, 14-1006TX, 14-1007TX, 14-1008TX, 14-1009TX, 14-1010ef, 14-1010eg, 14-1010NR, 14-1010TX, 14-1011NR, 14-1011TX, 14-1012TX, 14-1013TX, 14-1014TX, 14-1015TX, 14-1016TX, 14-1020ed, 14-1030ed, 14-1040ep, 14-1050CA, 14-1050ea, 14-1050es, 14-1050et, 14-1080eo, 14-1085eo, 14-1087eo, 14-1090EE, 14-1090eo, 14-1095LA, 14-1099BR, 14-1099EE, 14-1100el, 14-1100er, 14-1100et, 14-1101eg, 14-1102tx, 14-1104tx, 14-1105tx, 14-1106tx, 14-1110ew, 14-1110NR, 14-1110tx, 14-1111ee, 14-1111ef, 14-1111NR, 14-1114ef, 14-1120er, 14-1120es, 14-1150CA, 14-1150ed, 14-1150ep, 14-1150es, 14-1154CA, 14-1155CA, 14-1160SE, 14-1161SE, 14-1163SE, 14-1180es, 14-1188ee, 14-1190ea, 14-1190eg, 14-1190eo, 14-1191eo, 14-1191ez, 14-1195BR, 14-1195ea, 14-1195eo, 14-1195LA, 14-1196LA, 14-1199ez, 14-1200er, 14-1200ex, 14-1210NR, 14-1210tx, 14-1211NR, 14-1212NR, 14-1260SE, 14-2001XX, 14-2020NR, 14-2050SE, 14-2054SE, 14-2070NR, 14-2090CA, 14-2096BR, 14-2130NR, 14-2136NR, 14-2160CA, 14-2160SE, 14-2161SE, 14-2166SE, 14-2195LA, 14T-1000, 14T-1100, 14T-1200, 14T-2000 Series.

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