Ventoinha HP Pavilion 15-CD 926845-001 4 pin

Ventoinha HP Pavilion 15-CD 926845-001 4 pin


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Item Description

Ventoinha para portátil 

Connector: 4 pin

DC 5V 0.5A

Estado: Novo 


HP Pavilion 15-CD, 15-cd000 Series

15-cd000ng, 15-cd000nu, 15-cd000nv, 15-cd000ur, 15-cd001AU, 15-cd001AX, 15-CD001CA, 15-CD001DS, 15-cd001ng, 15-cd001nl, 15-cd001np, 15-cd001nv, 15-cd001ur, 15-cd002AU, 15-cd002AX, 15-CD002CA, 15-CD002DS, 15-cd002la, 15-cd002ng, 15-cd002no, 15-cd002ns, 15-cd002ur, 15-cd003AU, 15-cd003AX, 15-CD003CA, 15-cd003la, 15-cd003nc, 15-cd003no, 15-CD003np, 15-cd003ur, 15-cd004AU, 15-cd004AX, 15-CD004CA, 15-cd004la, 15-cd004no, 15-cd004nv, 15-cd004ur, 15-cd005au, 15-cd005AX, 15-cd005la, 15-CD005N, 15-cd005no, 15-CD005NP, 15-cd005nv, 15-cd005ur, 15-cd006AU, 15-cd006ax, 15-cd006la, 15-cd006nm, 15-cd006no, 15-cd006nv, 15-cd006ur, 15-cd007AU, 15-cd007AX, 15-CD007CA, 15-cd007la, 15-cd007na, 15-cd007nm, 15-cd007no, 15-CD007NP, 15-cd007ur, 15-cd008AU, 15-cd008AX, 15-cd008no, 15-cd008nv, 15-cd008ur, 15-cd009AU, 15-cd009AX, 15-cd009no, 15-CD009NP, 15-cd009ur, 15-cd010AU, 15-cd010AX, 15-cd010nc, 15-cd010nd, 15-cd010nt, 15-cd010ur, 15-cd011AU, 15-cd011AX, 15-cd011nc, 15-cd011nd, 15-cd011np, 15-cd011nt, 15-cd011ur, 15-cd012AU, 15-cd012ax, 15-cd012nc, 15-cd012nd, 15-cd012nt, 15-cd012ur, 15-cd013AU, 15-cd013AX, 15-cd014AU, 15-cd014ax, 15-cd015AU, 15-cd015AX, 15-cd015na, 15-cd016AU, 15-cd016ax, 15-cd016ur, 15-cd017AU, 15-cd017AX, 15-cd017ur, 15-cd018AU, 15-cd018AX, 15-cd018ur, 15-cd019AU, 15-cd019AX, 15-cd019na, 15-cd019ur, 15-cd020AU, 15-cd020ax, 15-cd020na, 15-cd021au, 15-cd021AX, 15-cd021na, 15-cd022au, 15-cd022ax, 15-CD022CL, 15-cd022na, 15-cd023au, 15-cd023AX, 15-cd023na, 15-cd023nd, 15-cd024au, 15-cd024ax, 15-CD024CL, 15-cd025AU, 15-cd025AX, 15-cd025na, 15-cd026AU, 15-cd026AX, 15-CD026CL, 15-cd026na, 15-cd027AU, 15-cd027ax, 15-cd027na, 15-cd028AU, 15-cd028ax, 15-cd028na, 15-cd029au, 15-cd029ax, 15-cd030au, 15-cd030AX, 15-cd031AU, 15-cd031AX, 15-cd032AU, 15-cd033au, 15-cd034au, 15-cd035AU, 15-cd036AU, 15-cd037AU, 15-cd038AU, 15-cd039AU, 15-cd040AU, 15-CD040WM, 15-cd041AU, 15-cd042AU, 15-CD042NR, 15-cd043AU, 15-cd044AU, 15-cd045AU, 15-cd046AU, 15-cd047AU, 15-cd048AU, 15-cd049AU, 15-cd050au, 15-CD051NR, 15-cd054na, 15-cd054sa, 15-cd056na, 15-cd056sa, 15-cd057na, 15-cd059na, 15-cd059sa, 15-CD067CA, 15-CD072CL, 15-CD072NR, 15-cd074nz, 15-CD075NR, 15-cd099nia, 15-cd0xx, 15Z-CD000

HP Pavilion 17-ar000

17-AR007CA, 17-AR050WM, 17Z-AR000

Part Number: 926845-001, JJR0000H, NFB75A05H-005

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