DC Jack Asus K56 K56CB X550 X550CA 14004-00970100 com cabo 6 Pin

DC Jack Asus K56 K56CB X550 X550CA 14004-00970100 com cabo 6 Pin


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Item Description

Entrada DC / DC Jack.

Part Number: 14004-00970100 / 1417-007P000 / 14004-01450000

Connector:  6 pin

Comprimento: 15 cm

Estado: Novo 


Asus K56, K56C, K56CA, (S56CA), K56CB, K56CB-XO246H, K56CM, (S56CM, R505CM) Series

Asus S56, S56C, S56CA, S56CB Series

Asus X550 Series: X550CC-XX067H, X550CC (K550CC, F550CC, R510CC), X550CA (P550CA, R510C, F550CA), X550LB-XO055H, X550LD-XX365H, X550LD (R510LD), X550CL (X552CL, R513CL), X550LN, X550LN (R510LN), X550LN-CN121H, X550LA (F550LA), X550LC (F550LC), X550VC, X550VL, X550VB, X550EA (X552EA), X550EP, X550CA, X550CC (K550CC, F550CC, R510CC), X550CL, X550CA (P550CA, R510C, F550CA), X550CL (X552CL, R513CL, F552CL), X550LB (F550LB), X550LA (F550LA, X552LAV, P550LA, R510LAV), X550LC (F550LC), X550LD (R510L, R510LD, R510LDV, F552LDV), X550LN (R510LN, F550LN), X550LN-CN121H, X550VC, X550VL, X550VB, X550EA (X552EA), X550EP, X550JK (F554L, F554LA, R510JK, K550JK), X550MD (F552MD), X550WA, X550WE, X550IK, X550IU, X550JD, X550JF, X550JX, X550MJ, X550VQ, X550VX

Asus S550, S550C, S550CM, S550CA, S550CM, S550CB Series

Asus K550, K550CA, K550JD, K550JD-DM028H, K550JD-XX003H, K550JK, K550JK-XO172H, K550D, k550C, K550L, K550JD, K550JD-DM028H, K550JD-XX003H, K550JK-XO172H, K550LA, K550LB, K550CA, K550CC, K550JK Series

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