Cover LCD X550 A550 F550 Y581 13NB00T8AP0101 A Cover
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Cover LCD X550 A550 F550 Y581 13NB00T8AP0101 A Cover


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Item Description

Cover LCD, Tampa Traseira LCD

Part Number:  13NB00T8AP0101, 90NB00T8-R7A000, 90NB00T2-R7A000, 13NB00T2AP0111, 90NB03VB-R7A000, 13NB03VBAP0201

Cor: Preto

Estado: Novo 

Modelos aplicáveis: 

Asus A550CA, A550CC, A550CL, A550DP, A550EA, A550EP, A550IU, A550JD, A550JF, A550JK, A550LA, A550LAV, A550LB, A550LC, A550LD, A550LN, A550MD, A550MJ, A550VA, A550VB, A550VC, A550VL, A550VQ, A550VX, A550WA, A550WE, A552CA, A552CC, A552CL, A552DP, A552EA, A552JF, A552LA, A552LC, A552LD, A552LN, A552MD, A552MJ, A552VB, A552VC, A552VX, A552WA, A552WE, D552CA, D552CC, D552CL, D552DP, D552EA, D552EP, D552IU, D552JD, D552JF, D552JK, D552LA, D552LAV, D552LB, D552LC, D552LD, D552LN, D552MD, D552MJ, D552VA, D552VB, D552VC, D552VL, D552WA, D552WE, Details, F550CA, F550CC, F550CL, F550DP, F550EA, F550EP, F550IU, F550JD, F550JF, F550JK, F550LA, F550LAV, F550LB, F550LC, F550LD, F550LN, F550MD, F550MJ, F550VA, F550VB, F550VC, F550VL, F550VQ, F550VX, F550WA, F550WE, F552CA, F552CC, F552CL, F552DP, F552EA, F552EP, F552IU, F552JD, F552JF, F552JK, F552LA, F552LAV, F552LB, F552LC, F552LD, F552LDV, F552LN, F552MD, F552MJ, F552VA, F552VB, F552VC, F552VL, F552WA, F552WE, FX550CC, FX550DP, FX550EA, FX550EP, FX550IU, FX550JD, FX550JF, FX550JK, FX550LA, FX550MJ, FX550VQ, FX550VX, GL542VX, K550CA, K550CC, K550CL, K550DP, K550EA, K550EP, K550IU, K550JD, K550JF, K550JK, K550LA, K550LAV, K550LB, K550LC, K550LD, K550LN, K550MD, K550MJ, K550VA, K550VB, K550VC, K550VL, K550VQ, K550VX, K550WA, K550WE, P550CA, P550CC, P550CL, P550DP, P550EA, P550EP, P550JD, P550JF, P550JK, P550LA, P550LAV, P550LB, P550LC, P550LD, P550LDV, P550LN, P550MD, P550MJ, P550VA, P550VB, P550VC, P550VL, P550WA, P550WE, PU550CA, R510CA, R510CC, R510CL, R510DP, R510EA, R510EP, R510IU, R510JD, R510JF, R510JK, R510LA, R510LAV, R510LB, R510LC, R510LD, R510LDV, R510LDV , R510LN, R510LNV, R510MD, R510MJ, R510VA, R510VB, R510VC, R510VL, R510VX, R510WA, R510WE, R513CA, R513CC, R513CL, R513DP, R513EA, R513EP, R513IU, R513LA, R513LAV, R513LC, R513LD, R513LN, R513MD, R513MJ, R513VA, R513VL, R513WA, R513WE, X550CA, X550CC, X550CL, X550EA, X550EP, X550LA, X550LAV, X550LC, X550LD, X550LDV, X550LN, X550LNV, X550MD, X550MJ, X550VA, X550VL, X550WA, X550WE, X552CA, X552CC, X552CL, X552EA, X552EP, X552LA, X552LAV, X552LC, X552LD, X552LDV, X552LN, X552MD, X552MJ, X552VA, X552VL, X552WA, X552WE, Y582CA, Y582CC, Y582CL, Y582EA, Y582EP, Y582LA, Y582LAV, Y582LC, Y582LD, Y582LN, Y582MD, Y582MJ, Y582VA, Y582VL, Y582WA, Y582WE Series.

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